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COLLAGE works with business leaders and their teams to host creative workshops that function as team building exercises. An artist works with a business team to get to know their needs and dynamics in order to personalize a workshop for team members. An example of a highly successful retreat is one that was hosted by aTyr Pharma in San Diego.

COLLAGE artist Brooke Barclay led an art workshop for executives from the drug development company aTyr in Palm Springs, California. aTyr holds an annual retreat for its leaders to provide a hyper-focused meeting of the minds centered around both their collective vision and personal contributions. The purpose of having an artist-led session was to involve the leaders in a personally expressive activity, one that culminated in a collaborative piece representing both individual and company goals. Considering aTyr's focus on a particular family of proteins, Brooke designed a molecular origami piece, that was to be a metaphorical representation of this protein, incorporating 8 "amino acids", one per person, as the building blocks of this modular and kinetic piece. Each modular component was made from customized origami paper that had been designed for each participant, based on descriptions of their version of hope and beauty. This piece was constructed by the team, starting with their individual components, and resulting in a group assembled piece. Leading up to this, the group was led in three other origami demonstrations of increasing complexity, to familiarize them with the process.

Brooke presented a 45-minute lecture on the history of artists and scientists working in conjunction with one another. With examples ranging from Leonardo Da Vinci to Rembrandt, Matthew Ritchie, Damien Hirst, and Frederik De Wilde, the group learned about other brave individuals who dared to live on both sides of the line between artist and scientist.

For additional information on these unique workshops, please contact us at info@collageartforcancer.org.




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