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Clare Hulfish
Kinder Foundation Education Center Assistant
Department of Education
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

COLLAGE: The Art for Cancer Network

Clare Hulfish is a dedicated Houston artist who works in the Department of Education at the esteemed Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. For as long as she can remember, being creative has been her passion. Her earliest memories are of crayon boxes from her childhood. Over the years, Clare has explored a variety of mediums through her work and is most inspired by her love of animals, nature and mystery. Most recently, she has been inspired by a stop motion class she took at the Glassell School of Art.

In addition to her personal work and her work at the MFAH, Clare serves as an Artist-in-Residence for COLLAGE: The Art for Cancer Network. Through her work with COLLAGE, Clare has had the opportunity to guide patients creatively and allow them to express themselves individually through their art. She has found her work with COLLAGE to be immensely rewarding and inspiring. She loves presenting patients with ideas and then guiding them to make their work personally rewarding.

In her spare time, Clare enjoys spending time with her dog, Hank.

To learn more about Clare Hulfish and her personal work, please click here.

Photo credit: Michelle Watson

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